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Chuggy's Top 10 Restaurant Guide 2016

Here's a comprehensive Honolulu restaurant guide to use while you're at the Pro Tour. We've covered everything from quick bites to high end dining and everything in between. We want you to play your best and fuel up with some good eats so you always remember your triggers.

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If you have dietary restrictions and need recommendations, feel free to email me at

Breakfast and Brunch - Quick

Wake up late and don't have time to sit down for breakfast? These spots are places that are on the way to the Convention Center where you can pick up something quick and easy or call while you're on your way to just pick up and go! Don't miss Round 1 with these 10 places.

Gaba Omusubi Waikiki (Opens 8am DAILY)

This little musubi (Japanese rice ball) shop uses some of the highest quality rice available. They make tasty combinations of salmon, seaweed, salt and other flavors. Grab a few to tide you over throughout the day. Get the salmon musubi, it's a little bit salty and very delicious.

Musubi Cafe Iyasume (Opens 7am DAILY)

Another musubi shop with multiple locations both in Waikiki and in Honolulu (Japan Village Walk). They have a better selection so take your pick of tuna, plum, roe, Spam, fried chicken, bacon, egg, and fish musubi. They also sell bento boxes (boxed meals) that are grab-and-go and feature tasty inclusions like garlic chicken, hamburger steak, broiled salmon, teriyaki chicken and more. Get the miso chicken katsu bento and a couple Spam musubi.

BRUG Bakery (Opens 8am DAILY)

Like pastries for breakfast? Look no further than Brug in Ala Moana Center. With dozens of treats to pick from, you can go sweet if you like or savory if that's how you're feeling that morning. If you're into sweets, get the neko pan (in the shape of a cat, has strawberry filling) and if you're into savory, get the onion bread or the “bento box”.

Saint-Germain Bakery (Opens 7am DAILY)

Here's another bakery in Ala Moana where you can be in and out in a hurry. They have everything from raisin bread to croissants to pie. Get the ham rolls and cream puffs.

JJ Squared Bakery (Open 8am DAILY)

This bakery is huge. They have everything from roll cakes, petal leaf cookies, tiramisu, egg tarts, bubble drinks and pastries. Get the meat lovers pastry or custard tarts.

Bread & Butter Island Cafe (Opens 8am DAILY)

This cafe is a nicer option that is a little pricier but still offers grab-and-go options. If you want something hot like berry pancakes or French toast, call your order in ahead and just pick it up. If you're hungry, get the kimchi fried rice omelet or the island combo with Portuguese sausage. Eat breakfast like a local.

7-Eleven (Always Open)

I usually don't list chains, but here's probably the easiest meal you'll get if you're running late. Located right across the entrance to the Convention Center, 7-Eleven will have everything you need, energy drinks, Spam musubi, bentos, crappy pastries and chips. Get the Spam musubi or garlic chicken musubi for a filling breakfast.

Atkinson Grill (Opens 7am DAILY, 8am Sunday)

Call ahead. This is right across the street from the Convention Center as well where you can find a hearty breakfast. Get the loco moco - white rice, hamburger patties, brown gravy and rice or the garlic chicken.

Tropical Tribe (Opens 8am DAILY)

If you want to try and acai bowl, this is one of the best on island and if you're staying in Waikiki, it's on the way to the Convention Center. This is a great spot where you can get a variety of toppings on a hearty sized bowl to keep you energized while you get into the zone.

Palama Supermarket (Opens 8am DAILY)

This is a Korean supermarket that has prepared food as well. Pick up a couple kimbap - Korean sushi rolls with marinated beef, veggies and seaweed. It's filling, tasty and easy to carry around.

Breakfast and Brunch - Sit Down

Here's a list of the top 10 breakfast and brunch spots in Honolulu. Don't worry if 3 of your spells got removed by spell queller, three turns in a row, food from these spots will definitely make you feel better.

Scratch Kitchen and Bake Shop

Located in downtown Honolulu, Scratch is my favorite brunch spot right now. They open early and are only closed on Tuesdays. Chef Brian will make sure you leave full with his take on breakfast foods and puts a twist on Southern favorites. Get the milk and cereal pancakes for sure.

Koko Head Cafe

Celebrity chef Lee Anne Wong's brunch spot. You can randomly select a menu item and it will be delicious. Always get one of the daily specials or the Koko Moco (their take on a loco moco) or Breakfast Bibimbap. If you love something a little bit lighter with a touch of sweetness, get the breakfast bruschetta.

Sweet-E's Cafe

This is a favorite spot for locals. Be prepared to wait a little bit if you're going on a weekend, especially Sunday. Get the blueberry stuffed French toast and kalua pork eggs benedict.

Goofy Cafe and Dine

Probably the best loco moco in Hawaii. The demi glace they use in place of gravy is rich, sultry and just perfect. Are there other good choices on the menu? Absolutely. But is there anything better than their loco moco? Absolutely not.

The Nook Neighborhood Bistro

If you like your brunch both sweet and savory, this is your spot. From their Brekkie Stack - made of French toast, eggs, cheese and bacon, to their waffles with fried chicken, this spot satisfies both the sweet tooth and the fat kid inside of everyone.

Cafe Kaila

Probably one of the busiest brunch spots on the island, Cafe Kaila serves up local staples like Portuguese sausage, omelets, benedicts and waffles. If you're hungry, snag the local scramble with sausage or the Belgian malted waffle.

Liliha Bakery

This is a super nostalgic spot for locals. It's more a diner than a bakery but it does have a robust offering of oven baked treats. Get the cheeseburger, potato salad, fried chicken or prime rib here. And before you leave, get a couple coco puffs and poi donuts.

Pancakes and Waffles

If you love big portions and need something to quell your hunger, get the fried rice loco moco, honey butter fried chicken and waffles, or churro waffle.

Like Like Drive Inn

This long time staple in Honolulu is a spot that feeds locals age 8-80. The biggest sellers here are the loco moco, fried rice and saimin. It's open early and open late.


Love sweets? The ube pancakes here are a stack of flapjacks topped with a bright izzet colored sauce (yam) sauce that is as impressive as it is tasty. They are also known for their Fat Pig fried rice, a heaping serving of bacon, pork adobo, Portuguese sausage, green onion, eggs and rice.

Lunch - Quick

When the lunch break hits and you're still on a clock to get back to prevent a game loss in the upcoming round, sprint over to these spots for a great bite.

Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

This is basically a great food court that got Become Immense cast on it. There's a ton of vendors, many of which have prepared food that you can pick up and buy. There's everything from sushi to burgers. Give it a try.


Just like breakfast, 7-Eleven is an acceptable place to grab a quick lunch. In and out within 5 minutes.

Papa John's Pizza

It's located a block away and you can use the app to order or call. Make sure you use a coupon code to save yourself some money. Pretty sure they deliver to the Convention Center.

Curry House Coco Ichibanya

This local favorite is reasonable in price and very filling. Get the chicken katsu curry with cheese with rice.

Lahaina Chicken Company

Lahaina Chicken Co. is located in the food court at Ala Moana and serves up some very good roasted and fried chicken.

Yummy Korean Bar-B-Q

This quick serve Korean restaurant has big portions and you get to pick your sides. I like the chicken katsu or meat jun with mandoo, potatoes and kimchi.

Iron Grill Hawaii

If you are a carnivore, this steak plate truck is for you. Located walking distance from the Convention Center, this food truck serves up a tasty steak plate.

Palama Supermarket

Lunch brings more robust offerings at Palama Market. The food vendors are open as well as the market itself. You can get all kinds of Korean food (and snacks) to fuel you for the event.


PIZZA! This is one of the best pizza shops on the island. They will deliver to the Convention Center. Get the Peter's Special (spinach, garlic, Portuguese sausage, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, onions and bell peppers) and garlic cheesy bread. Give them a call at (808) 295-4024

Lunch - Sit Down

If you have some extra time for lunch and want something delicious, here's the top 10 spots for a sit down lunch.


Located right in front of Ala Moana Center, Shokudo is a contemporary Japanese restaurant with great food and great service. The garlic fried rice and sushi are my favorite must-eats at Shokudo.

Goma Tei Ramen

This ramen shop is easy to get to at Ala Moana Center. Make sure you get the char siu (roasted pork) and gyoza. Big menu, lots of choices.

Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

This Chinese dim sum spot is one of the best on island. It's big, has a decent selection and they do a very good job with the food. I like the shrimp dumplings, spinach and shrimp dumplings, char siu dumplings, turnip cake, and egg tarts.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

This hot pot spot is a good place to sit and relax at Ward Center. Their lunch special is a great deal and includes a ton of meat and veggies. If you want to order ala carte, that's an option too, but the lunch specials are too good to pass up. Make sure to get the fresh watermelon drink as well.

Agu Ramen

I have Agu down for lunch and dinner. I love their noodles and the way their do their broth. Everything from the shio (salt) jidori chicken broth (lighter) all the way to their black garlic kotteri broth are delicious. The sides including the gyoza are excellent.

Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

Love this very new and shiny food court in the basement of Ala Moana Center. There's a ton of options here from noodles, to sushi, to burgers, to pastries and bubble tea. Browse around and find something you like, find a table and enjoy!

Da Hawaiian Poke Company

Poke is all the rage on the mainland but has always been popular here. There's the places that tourists like - Ono Seafood. But in my opinion, one of the best poke shops here is Da Hawaiian Poke Company. Get the spicy tuna or the Hawaiian style ahi. Don't forget the smoked ahi dip- eat it with crackers or chips and a nice cold beer.

Ethel's Grill

Easily the best hidden gem here in Hawaii. Really comforting local food with Japanese/Okinawan roots. Get the taco rice, mochiko chicken or beef sukiyaki. Their ahi tataki is also some of the best around as well. All their dishes are awesome and it's actually pretty darn cheap to boot. Cash only.


This local Japanese restaurant has been around for a long time and is very popular with Japanese nationals that have moved to Hawaii. They have very good fish dishes and lunch specials. If you have time to sit down and dine, this is one of the most tranquil spots to go and clear your mind.

Hank's Haute Dogs

Love hot dogs? Hank's is a place for gourmet dogs of the best possible quality. His hot dogs have a nice snap to them and the toppings are awesome. If you love a great char burger, it's the best one on the island. His fries are also excellent (get the chipotle aioli) and the pineapple ice is a nice slushy treat.

Dinner - Reasonable

Looking for the best places to go to dinner after the Pro Tour? Look no further than these 10 spots that I love.

The Pig and the Lady

It's a mix of contemporary and traditional Vietnamese food. The atmosphere is lively, the dishes are full of flavor and this restaurant has garnered national attention. If you love pho, get the smoked chicken pho. Their menu rotates frequently so order everything that piques your interests.

Livestock Tavern

Located in Chinatown, this spot is a contemporary American restaurant that feels a lot like San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. They do an excellent job on each and every one of their dishes, get anything with seafood here.

Lucky Belly

This noodle shop serves generous bowls of ramen with a contemporary twist. Get the beast bowl, it's loaded with all kinds of meat and noodles. Ramen lovers, come here.

Kan Zaman

Kan Zaman is one of the most unique restaurants here in Hawaii - Moroccan/Lebanese. They do an excellent merguez sandwich and roasted lamb shank. Be sure to get lots of couscous and babaganoush.

Agu Ramen

This casual restaurant serves up a new twist on classic Japanese and Okinawan ramen. If you love noodles, get the shio (salt) jidori chicken ramen. But more than just ramen, they have amazing pork belly, pig ear, jellyfish and gyoza (dumplings).

Izakaya Torae Torae

This Japanese bar has excellent sushi, sushi rolls and hot dishes. Get your drink on with their sake menu as well. Get the toro donburi, dashi maki tamago, and sashimi platter. If you're a sushi lover, ask for seared engawa!

Sura Hawaii

If you love Korean BBQ, this spot is for you. Huge flavors in dipping sauces and marinated meats. The meat is good quality and the portions are generous. This spot is basically across the street from the Convention Center.

Sik Do Rak

Do you love all you can eat meat? This Korean BBQ spot is THE spot to go to if you are starving after the Pro Tour. Open late, you'll have no excuse not to go! Get the beef tongue and the marinated spicy pork.

Cafe Duck Butt

This Korean bar has some of the best sit-down Korean food in Hawaii. The chive pancake and kimchi pancake are excellent. Get the fried gizzard, egg custard, fried mochi and of course the watermelon soju!


A local comfort food chain, Zippy's is a staple in Hawaii. Get the chicken katsu, loco moco, Zippy's chili and the chili moco.

Dinner - Fancy

You came all the way to Hawaii, why not try some of the very best food in town? Throw on a collared shirt, pair of pants and head over to these top 10 fancier dinner spots. These places are a little bit pricier but are worth every penny.


Steak lovers will love chef Michael Mina's new restaurant in the International Marketplace. Get the Kona lobster pot pie for sure and if you're balling out of control, get the omakase (chef's menu) or the Japanese wagyu beef for one of the most luxurious dinners in Hawaii.

Roy's Waikiki

The world-famous Roy Yamaguchi started his restaurant empire here in Hawaii. His Waikiki location is huge and can accommodate large groups. They have a nice sushi bar in addition to an outdoor bar and ample seating. Get the misoyaki butterfish (black cod) and a Roy's appetizer canoe.

3660 on the Rise

Another long time favorite of locals, 3660 is known for their ahi roll and butterfish.

Alan Wong's

Alan Wong's is where all the celebrities eat in Hawaii. If you want to dine like J-Lo, the cast of Hawaii 5-0, President Obama and Jay-Z, this is the spot to be at. It's not going to be cheap, but it's worth it.

MW Restaurant

This restaurant is run by two of the most talented chefs in Hawaii. Order the steak and foie entree and be sure to save room for dessert. Chef Michelle is a James Beard nominated pastry chef and makes some of the most amazing desserts in the world.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Looking for a great steak and an even better burger? Wolfgang's is your spot. Located in Waikiki, it's a stone's throw away from the Convention Center and the hotels in Waikiki. Get your steak medium rare, like it should be.

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris is a national chain so if you're into something very consistent and predictable, this is actually a very good option.

BLT Steak

Yet another steakhouse for your consideration. They have some great sides including a tasty popover and a chicken liver pate.

Sushi Izakaya Gaku

The best Japanese food on the island. Period. Get omakase if you love sushi and sashimi. Trust them. You'll love it.

Sushi Murayama

If you love sushi and big portions, here's the place to go. Using the best ingredients available, Sushi Murayama is for those of you with big appetites but appreciate excellent sushi.

Best Place for Beer

The Brewseum

A nano brewery that also serves local brews. Be sure to do a sampling of all their military themed beers. Wednesdays are their trivia nights!

Lanikai Brewing Company

Located on the north east side of the island, this brewery is a decent drive out of downtown and Waikiki. They have a tasting room and be sure to sample their saison, it's just tart enough to give it a nice edge.

Waikiki Brewing Company

Located in Waikiki, this is one of the easier breweries to get to in town. The hana hou hefe is an easy drinking hefeweizen with a touch of sweetness from strawberry puree.

Stewbum and Stonewall Brewing

This small brewery is also on the windward side like Lanikai Brewing. Their tasting room is free so drop by and sample some of Darren's brews!

Village Bottle Shop and Tasting Room

This new business just opened in the last couple of months and has an impressive collection of craft brews. If there's a rare bottle, this is the place to find it. You can buy the beer and also drink it in the tasting room. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Beer Lab HI

They have limited hours and brew a ton of experimental beers. They have an ever-rotating list of styles and flavors, give them a try if you like to try unique beers.

Honolulu Beer Works

Located right in Kakaako, Beer Works has a great selection of their own specialty brews as well as a decent offering of food. They have a solid stout, IPA and DIPA.

REAL a Gastropub

This gastropub has excellent food and an immense list of craft beers. They don't brew their own beer but have access to rare and limited release beers because of their great relationships with craft breweries across the US.

Square Barrels

This burger joint has a bunch of curated taps with craft beer from across the US. Get a drive thru burger with an IPA and call it a day.

Pint and Jigger

This gastropub has an excellent stout burger and seasoned chips. They have a nice beer selection and a cozy atmosphere.

Taps and Apps

This gastropub is located quite far from town in Mililani. Their food is quite good and they have a solid number of taps.

Growler USA

This new craft beer bar just opened a month ago and is very close to Waikiki. With over 100 taps, you'll find a beer you like. If you love a certain brew, fill a growler and take it with you!

Best Places for Pokemon Go

Done with Magic for the day? Head over to these spots where you can find tons of Pokestops and tons of lures.

Hank's Haute Dogs

Magic Island / Ala Moana Beach Park

Waikiki Aquarium

Ala Moana Center

Foster Botanical Garden